Comidagen Plus

Amino acid-based formula, from 12 months of age onwoards
Comidagen Plus
  • 100% free amino acids
  • Nutritionally complete
  • Lactose free
  • Contains Nucleotides
  • Contains DHA and AA
  • Energy dense 1kcal/ml

COMIDAGEN PLUS is designed for the dietary management of children with cow’s milk or multiple food allergies beyond 12 months of age. The protein source of COMIDAGEN PLUS is a combination of individual (free) amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein; proteins are chains of individual amino acids joined together called peptides. Peptide chains can be broken down or hydrolysed, to make the proteins smaller and less recognizable by the body. When they are broken down a lot (extensively hydrolysed formula = EHF) they can be given to children with CMA. However, many EHF are based on cow’s milk protein (whey or casein) and some contain small traces of whole milk protein. They are therefore not suitable for children who are very sensitive to small amounts of whole milk protein. Amino acid-based formulae contain free amino acids only, without any whole milk protein, so they are not recognized by the body. Free amino acids therefore do not trigger an allergic reaction in the body, unlike some peptide feeds. This is why amino acid-based formula are recommended for children with the severest forms of milk allergy, or when a child has several allergies to different foods (called multiple food allergies). Other reasons to use an amino acid-based formula such as COMIDAGEN PLUS include children who are not growing well despite taking a hypoallergenic formula e.g. a peptide formula, and those who continue to have symptoms of allergy while taking these formulae.